iCloud System
100% iclould customer management, customers can use whenever and wherever they want. No matter where you are, once you link the Internet, you can log in with your username and password and 24 hours make enquiry and build up the customer information. Your CRM will serve you wherever you are, this is very convenient.

Analyze Customer Behaviour
SYSBASE system is very easy to use.  You do not need to waste time to learn how to use.  Once you register the account, you can start gathering the customers information.  It helps you to analyse the customers' consuming behaviour and discovering meaningful information, and hence finding out the relationships between selling products or services and customers. It is favourable for you to make  operation strategy in the future.

Manage Cutomer's/Member's Information
Customer administrator can limit the users' authority, decide whether the users can edit customers' information, and even which staff(s) is responsible for which customer(s). The databse can store numerous detailed customers' information. The users can set different columns information in order to fulfill different business needs. The system can aslo helps in sending promotional email, and hence helping you expand the business.

Why Choosing Us?
SYSBASE is the customer management system which is tailor made for small and medium size enterprises. The system is developed in users' angle, users' page is very easy to use and runs very smoothly. Customers can buy extra or cut module according to their actual needs. We have our own research and development department, which is responsible for adding different functions in order to respond to customers' needs. Our services include the iCloud storage function already, there is no extra costs or expenses for the system maintenance once you register our services.
Enterprises business applied cloud services is tailor made for small and medium size enterprises, from the enterprises' day-to-day operation, to the professional expenses and revenue, invoices and receipts are all included in the system. Fresh and concise style, simply usage flow, login whenever and wherever you want to manage. It helps you save the operational costs and boost the efficiency.

iCloud System Save Time and Costs

Save Money 

No need to watse money on buying and maintenance of the system, reduce the operational costs.

Save Time 

No need to install the system, short register time, the services start immediately.

Work Anywhere 

No restrictions on time and places, you can start working once you have the Internet linkage.

Security System 

All information are stored in the iCloud information centre, safe and stable.

Industry:Retail and Online-shop

Once the customer leave the information, you can reinforce the communication with the existing customers, and introducing discount promotion to selected customers, attracting the customers to shop in your actual atores.



The system can record the customers' preference and buying history, helps you understand customers' behaviours, and hence providing caring services.



Grab the potential products, concentrate on producing hot items, centralise the resources to maximise the profits.